Play With Friends as online **2020

Play With Friends as online Penguin Run – escape the monsters!

Super Penguin Run is a cute action game where you can walk with a cute penguin through a colorful fairytale world full of sweet rewards and nasty monsters. The slimy monsters were locked up in a cage for years and suddenly escaped. In the midst of this chaos, the little penguin tries to make his way into the rescuing castle by running and jumping. Help him and collect plenty of stars and fruits like pineapple, melons and cherries on the way to the level exit.

Play With Friends for free Beware of the fires, the flying shrimp and the nasty Angry Birds. Unlock three worlds altogether: the mountains, the desert and the snowy landscape. They all offer you a lot of fun in Super Penguin Run and have a few surprises in store. Get inspired by a fun penguin game in a great atmosphere and play through many exciting levels! How to play Super Penguin Infinite Run 2D Walk and jump to the castle and overcome all obstacles, chasms and sharp spikes. Use the arrow key to jump over dangerous fires, rolling saw blades and nasty monsters. Slide down with the arrow key under obstacles. Collect stars and fruits.

Play With Friends easily and fast Tips and tricks this is how you reach the castle Use cool powerups to make your little penguin even stronger the magnet the rocket engine Cannons and springs.

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