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Play With Friends for free Christmas Puzzle – make the best winter designs! Christmas Puzzle is a great puzzle game for the Christmas season, in which 24 beautiful motifs can be put together around the festival. Let yourself be inspired by the beautiful pictures full of atmospheric romance and puzzle yourself through magnificent snowy landscapes, sweet animals and a sea full of candles. That’s where the Christmas spirit comes in. Even if it has not snowed at home, in Christmas Puzzle you can visit many snow-covered meadows, forests and villages. Try it out now!

Play With Friends online First choose your difficulty level: 25, 49 or 100 puzzle pieces? Make yourself comfortable then with a delicious punch and put it straight on. Collect up to three stars in each level in the Christmas Puzzle and put all the puzzle pieces together correctly.

From squirrels to Christmas market: play with magical motives

Be inspired by the wintry selection of motifs and play more and more pictures free.

You are waiting for: squirrel gingerbread House Deer in the snow fire

Christmas Market

Christmas gifts


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Tips and Tricks for Jigsaw Puzzle XMas

To successfully build a big puzzle, you need a good eye and the right strategy.

Take a close look at the picture at the beginning.

First, sort the puzzle pieces that lie at the edges and look for the four corner pieces.

Once you have laid the edges, you can continue with a particularly prominent part of the subject and continue to work from there.

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